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One Operating Picture to Manage All Your Containers and Equipment

An integrated container yard management system to reduce turn-times, avoid detention fees, and increase productivity of container yards.

Yard Spot on mobiel and desktop aerial view

 Smarter Way to Manage Your Container Yards

Yard Spot offers a single place to make command and control decisions. By combining asset locations with data from operational systems, Yard Spot decreases yard turn times, speeds up yard checks, and increases your team’s productivity with less administrative work and more timely data.

Event-driven Workflows

Automated data flows drive process efficiencies and productivity to optimize yard procedures and reduce costs.

Yard Spot dashboard on a computer screen

Transform Your Container Yard Management

Coordinate the activities of all your team members in yard operations with Yard Spot’s visualized workflows. Integrated, timely and relevant information from this container yard management system ensures everyone on your team stays on the same page.

Shuttle and Truck Drivers

Locate containers, chassis, trailers and equipment with Yard Spot’s visualized data. Drivers can now make efficient and safe moves throughout container yards.


Reduce detention and per diem fees using Yard Spot’s color-coded container aging reports, which help you better prioritize the movement of containers and equipment.

Yard Operations Managers

Gain visibility into yard activity and operation statuses across all your facilities to make smarter decisions based on customer needs, exceptions and disruptions in real time.


Reconcile the movement of containers in and out of your yards, and eliminate the daily scramble to collect information with integrations built directly into your system of record.

What Customers Are Saying

Trevor Dunlap, President at Givens

"We have been using Yard Spot to provide better visibility, reduce cost and improve safety. Its integration capabilities and workflow automation has been pivotal in creating tangible benefits for us."

Get Started with Our Phased Approach to Container Yard Management


Begin automating yard checks

Digitize daily yard audits using mobile and fixed cameras.


Connect GPS tracking systems

Utilize beyond yard management by integrating GPS tracking systems.


Integrate operational data

Share data from your enterprise system or TMS with Yard Spot.


Build out workflows

Coordinate activities between teams to optimize productivity.

See How Yard Spot Can Increase Your Yard Productivity

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