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Integrated Yard Management System

Locate your containers, chassis, reefers, and equipment.

About Yard Spot

Yard Spot, a yard management system powered by Splice, combines multiple data sources to create a single, real-time operating picture. Yard Spot displays location data from global positioning system (GPS) and electronic logging devices (ELD); operational data from enterprise applications and supply chain partners; and fixed and mobile cameras. The integration of disparate data sources makes finding equipment quick and simple, and it helps prioritize movements for dispatch operations. With Yard Spot, organizations can reduce turn-times, avoid detention fees, and increase productivity of yards.

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Splice is a logistics integration platform with any-to-any data translation capabilities and streamlined connectivity to new and legacy applications alike. From equipment tracking and cargo tracing to loT-enabled data and more, Splice is ever expanding its integration partners to help you quickly optimize and scale your supply chain ecosystem. Yard Spot is powered by Splice and designed for the future of logistics digitization. 

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Yard Spot Capabilities

Workflow-driven Automation

Integration of Data Sources



Data Analytics



Yard Spot’s takes a workflow-driven approach to yard management. Developed on Splice’s proprietary processing engine, trigger events like gate-ins or new equipment positions spark updates to move through the customer prescribed process. Notably, Yard Spot integrates with ERP, MRP and SCM software to bring logistics data to enterprise systems. With workflow-drive automation, Yard Spot improves productivity and visibility while maintaining operational control.

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Yard Spot stacks data from any source to create a common operating picture. Yard Spot harmonizes and homogenizes data, translating different formats, languages and protocols for interoperability. Yard Spot can integrate countless sources to continually expand the data composition to form single source of truth and situational awareness.

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Yard Spot can immediately scale with any business. Built on the cloud using serverless microservice architecture, Yard Spot simplifies the integration and interaction with multiple applications. This ensures high rates of availability and reliability and its scales to meet the growing demands. These attributes allow Yard Spot to seamlessly manage multiple yard locations and expanding data requirements.

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Visibility in Yard Spot means having a single source of information to make command and control decisions. Yard Spot maps the location of assets and equipment, and it incorporates data from enterprise systems, like ERP, MRP, TMS, WHS or other operational applications.

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Yard Spot is building the capacity to form data lakes to empower analytics. As a translator and homogenizer of data, Yard Spot is developing data aggregation tools, simplifying ETL, analytics and reporting. Using the data Yard Spot processes, the capability will create new sources of high-quality data to increase operational efficiencies, improve strategic and tactical decision-making, and develop fast and profound insights.

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Yard Spot is built on Amazon Web Services, securely hosted in the cloud using the most secure global infrastructure. AWS maintains industry leading security practices and standards. Additionally, our model is inherently secure: Powered by the Splice, we store minimal data and keep it moving, where it is less vulnerable to malicious activity.

Yard Spot by the Numbers

Faster Yard Checks

3x Faster

Decreased Truck


4-6x Faster

Less Adminitrative Time and More TImely Data

Save 3 Hrs/Day

Common Operating Picture for All


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