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Yard Spot In Action

Yard Spot provides a common operating picture of your container yard to ensure everyone involved in the operation is working from the same integrated information. Here are two ways to digitized yard can benefit your operations.

Yard Spot on a mobile device

Total Coordination of Yard Operations

Yard Spot employs a workflow management tool to assign, track and report tasks to keep cargo and equipment moving. Coordinating activities in the yard has never been easier. Assign tasks, like moving a container for unloading a specific dock, and plan out a whole day or week of events to keep the yard operations in sync.

Yard Spot dashboard on a computer screen

Digitized Yard Checks

By using cameras on mobile phones to digitize container numbers, Yard Spot speeds up yard checks to ensure that timely and accurate data guides decisions on what containers to prioritize. Never get caught by surprise when free-time elapses. Use the digitized yard check to finish your daily reconciliation of what's in the yard (and not) in minutes.

Yard Spot shipping container locaiton on a computer screen

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