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Map the Location of All Your Containers and Equipment with Yard Spot 

Yard Spot integrates multiple data sources into a single operating picture. Improve productivity, gain visibility and lower costs with more eyes on the location of containers and equipment.

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What We Do

Yard Spot supports everyone involved in yard management operations by creating a common operating picture. Through data integration and visualization, Yard Spot shows the location of containers and equipment, where they've been, and where they need to go.

Dispatch, warehousing, drivers, and managers now can work from one unified platform. And it's not just within the yard. Yard Spot is a single portal to track GPS-enabled equipment and assets while underway and across multiple locations. 

Yard Spot Capabilities

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Workflow-drive Automation

Yard Spot’s takes a workflow-driven approach to yard management. Assign tasks to users in the yard to keep operations flowing continuously and safely. Yard Spot can integrate with TMS, ERP, and WHS software to bring logistics data to enterprise systems. With workflow-drive automation, Yard Spot improves productivity and visibility while maintaining operational control.

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Integrations of Data Sources

Yard Spot stacks data from any source to create a common operating picture. Yard Spot harmonizes and homogenizes data, translating different formats, languages and protocols for interoperability. Yard Spot can integrate countless sources to continually expand the data composition to form single source of truth and situational awareness.

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Yard Spot can immediately scale with any business. Built on the cloud using serverless microservice architecture, Yard Spot simplifies the integration and interaction with multiple applications. This ensures high rates of availability and reliability and its scales to meet the growing demands. Yard Spot can seamlessly manage multiple yard locations and new data requirements.

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Visibility in Yard Spot means having a single source of information to make command and control decisions. Yard Spot maps the location of containers and equipment, and it combines data from logistics data and enterprise systems to create a comprehensive view of containers, chassis and yard operations.

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Yard Spot is built on Amazon Web Services, securely hosted in the cloud using the most secure global infrastructure. AWS maintains industry leading security practices and standards. Additionally, our model is inherently secure: Powered by the Splice, we store minimal data and keep it moving, where it is less vulnerable to malicious activity.

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