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A Common Operating Picture for Everyone in Your Yard

Yard Spot brings together location data on your containers, chassis, trucks and cargo to ensure everyone in your yard operations is working from one common view. 

Yard Spot dashboard on a mobile device and tablet

Yard Spot Benefits Everyone Involved in Yard Operations

Diagram of all of the people Yard Spot benefits

Yard Operations

Daily yard checks are a snap with mobile and fixed camera to digitize containers and chassis locations.

Truck Drivers

No more searching for containers and wondering where to go. The picture is worth a thousand words and hours of lost time.

Shuttle Truck Drivers

Workflows show what needs to move, when and where increasing efficiency and safety.


Full visibility of your yards and color coded aging reports make prioritization simple and reduces detention and per diem fees.

Warehouse Managers

Find the containers you need to load and unload and communicate when and where with a tap or click.

Warehouse Operations

No need to question what's coming next. Yard Spot workflows tell you what, when and where so your KPIs soar. 

Admin and Accounting

Eliminate the daily scramble to collect information through integrations into your system of record.


Gain the visibility to see the activity and status of operations across all your facilities. 

Customer Service

When you are asked, "Where's my cargo?", provide an exact answer.

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