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One From Many: Trucking Data Integration to Keep Containers Moving



Splice provided a simple, intuitive solution to the problems plaguing a trucking and warehousing company. By simplifying the data the company already had using Yard Spot, the yard visibility tool, the company was able to solve their lingering problem without breaking the bank.

Challenges in Trucking Data Integration


The Splice team recently worked with a prominent trucking and warehousing company serving customers along the East Coast. This trucking company was struggling, like many others are right now, to retain independent truckers. Record-high volumes were jamming up their container yards, resulting in slow turn-times, and truckers were getting frustrated. While some stayed, many were leaving and taking loads from other carriers.

Trucking Data Integration
Results of Better Trucking Data Integration

This exodus of truckers only made yard congestion worse. To complicate matters, this company had multiple yards with several entry points. The company needed to quickly streamline the container pickup and drop-off process so truckers were not wasting time looking for their loads.

After analyzing these persistent issues, their leadership team recognized the root cause of the problem — poor data collection and sharing. The data points to resolve the issue were stuck in systems that did not talk to each other. If the data was combined and accessible to the right people, then visibility and prioritization would immediately improve.



The management team looked for an all-in-one container yard management solution, but it either did not exist or required a whole new system. While this would've worked, it was a nonstarter based on time and cost. They already had a WMS (warehouse management system) and two TMS (transportation management systems), but the systems were not providing insight into yard operations despite holding relevant information. While they had some information, they were not properly integrating all the points that needed to be connected.

Trucking Data Integration for Container Shipping

The company desperately needed a different tool that used the same data. The leadership team also wanted an automated solution to avoid putting extra burden on an already busy staff. After assessing multiple tools, they contacted us for our trucking data integration capabilities.

They learned that Splice could combine the container and transportation data in the cloud without a disruptive implementation period and present it on Yard Spot, our container yard visibility tool. We could move the data between systems so legacy users would find the enhanced information in the tool they rely upon.

Even better, our low-code platform could design the workflow to ensure any changes to the process would be managed immediately. This would greatly speed up time-to-value when additional sources of data, like GPS tracking of containers, trailers, chassis and trucks, were added to the operation. It gave the management team confidence in investing in more track-and-trace hardware.



Trucking Data Integration

Operational Visibility

With the addition of Splice, the company gained visibility of all its equipment in one place. In the container yard, this decreased turn-times. With the implementation of Splice, the company knew exactly where to direct truckers to pick up and drop off containers. The added visibility supported daily decision-making at all levels to prioritize cargo and reduce detention and per diem charges.

Trucking Data Integration

Common Data Source

The single source of truth has elevated confidence in the data and reinforced processes. The complexity of container yard logistics was made manageable. By implementing Splice, the company received a common data set for all employees and users.

Trucking Data Integration

Optimized New & Legacy Systems

Splice was able to optimize the use of new technology and legacy TMS leading to high ROI on new investments. All this, with no disruption to the company.

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One From Many Data to Keep Trucks Moving
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